Memories of a young Mom to Be

Both of my children’s birthdays are in July; my daughter just celebrated her 28th birthday this past Saturday.  She asked me what time of the day she was born.  I knew it was early Saturday morning but I wasn’t sure if it was 3 am or 4 am.  I started pulling out all the baby items I saved looking for her little hospital bracelet.  And then I  came across the blanket I crocheted for my son (who  just turned 31).  Looking at the blanket brought back so many memories.  I was only 22 years old when I crocheted this blanket.  I was a child myself.  All the hopes and the fears came flooding back–would I be a good mother,  would my child be happy, would he be a boy or a girl.  And I remembered all the love I felt while making this blanket for my little someone.  I look at my two wonderful children now and I think I did alright.  I am truly blessed.

Billy's Blankie



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