Practice makes Perfect


You know that old saying “practice makes perfect”?  I always hated that saying.  Why would I want to take time just practicing when I could be actually completing something?

This was my approach to knitting.  Crocheting just came naturally to me.  Tension was never the issue.  But knitting was something entirely different.  Everything I knitted just never looked good.  I would admire other knitter’s work and wonder what I am doing wrong.  Then I took a class with Adrenda Holladay and she let me in on the secret.  My tension was not consistent.  She mentioned in the class that continental knitters seem to have a harder time keeping their tension while purling.  I knit Continental  rather than English.  I tried to switch to English knitting but I just couldn’t get the feel for it.  I spent years trying different techniques but nothing worked.  I would knit a few rows, look at my tension, notice the tension was off and went on to the next technique.  Finally I just gave up.  I decided that I was never going to be great at knitting.

Then 2 years ago, I decided to start knitting for charity on a more full-time basis (not on and off like I was doing).  I made a point to knit everyday for at least 2-3 hours.  And guess what; my tension improved.  I realized after 6 months that I actually loved what I made.  I no longer felt ashamed to show other knitter’s my work.  I may not love that saying, but I do respect it.

My “Before” and “After” pictures:

Before                                                                           After

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