Confessions of a Yarn Addict

Like most knitters, I love yarn.  And like most, I have a yarn stash.  I never really thought my stash was getting out of control.  Any yarn I purchased had an intended project associated with it.  But lately, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed when I walk into my yarn room.  I also have been having a little trouble remembering exactly what all those projects were.  So today I decided I had better organize my room.  As I was pulling out all the boxes of yarn that was starting to pile up, I realized I may have a problem.

There was  a box full of my favorite yarn from last year’s Black Friday Sale.   I found all the beautiful balls of wool perfect for those Fair Isle hats I am going to make.  More and more treasures were being discovered in drawers and closets.  I even found the yarn for the blanket I was supposed to make for my daughter when she moved into her first apartment (that was at least 3 years ago and she has since moved).

To those of you who are not a yarn enthusiast, you may say I do indeed have a problem with yarn.  But after closer inspection of my collection, I realize there is always room for more.  🙂

I would like to be able to show you my before and after pictures at this time.  Unfortunately there is still much more work to be done.  I have, however, included the progress I have made so far.  I do think I’m off to a good start!


My Progress so far:

After 1


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