Welcome To Happy Sheep Creations!


My name is Ruth Michael and I have been creating things out of yarn since I was 8 years old. I always wanted to somehow combine my love of fiber arts and my desire to help others in my community but never really knew how. That all changed in August of 2016 when my brother, Gordy, at the young age of 55, was suddenly taken from us. In order to cope, I turned to knitting. Somehow the steady click of the needles and seeing something take shape right before my eyes was very comforting.

An idea came to me that if knitting gave me comfort during a very tough time in my life, maybe, through knitting, I could bring comfort to others when they are going through a difficult time in their life. Happy Sheep Creations is dedicated to providing others with beautiful handmade items.

Our main focus is providing charitable organizations, who support the people in their community, with soft, beautiful garments at no cost to them. Our yarns we use include not only acrylic but superwash merino wool and 100% organic cotton (all are machine washable).

Please take a look at all the items we have available under the “Off the Needles” tab. We hope to be able to help you take care of the people in your community.