Healing thru Knitting

My brother died this past August.  Suddenly. At the age of 55. He was only 3 years older than me.  Cancer, Pancreatic to be exact.  He called me to tell me he might be very sick; needed to have some tests done.  Two weeks later he was gone.  Sorry if I am depressing anyone.  I have been living in a very bad dream this past month.  The only thing that has helped get me through is my knitting.  The steady click of the needles and seeing something take shape right before my eyes has been very comforting, meditative.  Knitting has brought me comfort and healing.

I had this crazy idea that if knitting has been my saving grace, then through my knitting, maybe I can bring some comfort to others.  So join me on my journey of sharing my love of knitting with others.  And maybe, just maybe, bring some joy and comfort to someone else.



2 thoughts on “Healing thru Knitting

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have been knitting through my mother’s ovarian cancer and I completely relate to how creating something new gives you a more positive way to focus your energy. All the best with your knitting journey!


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